• Uh-oh

  • Laying down

    This two-year-old wine is not the kind of wine that tastes better after two years. It is my companion for tonight.

  • Still Chris Mear's site

    Still Chris Mear’s site. Still nothing here.

  • is undergoing some changes

  • Code comments

    I love it when you come back to code you wrote years ago, and read all the random comments that you don’t remember writing, such as this little gem:

  • Hello again

    Just checking in to let you all know that, yes, I’m still alive, and I’m doing fine. I still haven’t quite gotten into the habit of updating this site very often, but I will keep trying! I have exciting holidays and stuff to tell you about. Stay tuned.

  • Catastrophic failure


  • Sad souvenirs

    I was clearing out a room of the house today, and I found this tragic little object. It had been sitting in a drawer for years, and the batteries are very run down.

  • The dullest blog in the world

    No, not this one, of course.

  • Developments

    Interesting things happening in my life, involving not-sitting-exams and things like that. May post more details if I feel so inclined.