There is a proposal to allow police officers the right to arrest someone in posession of cannabis, but only if it’s the third time they’ve been caught in that year. If they get caught once or twice, they just get a warning. Supposedly, this is to avoid simply issuing formal warnings to people again and again.

It just seems a bit weird to me; are you allowed to possess and smoke cannabis in the UK, or not? This proposal seems to suggest that, well, you shouldn’t really, but we won’t mind as long as you avoid us and try not to get caught too many times, okay? What kind of legislation is that? I sort of wish they’d just allow it or ban it, and stop playing all these silly games.

Or perhaps the idea is to not penalise the personal, casual users, but still to keep tabs on people with large quantities of it, or those who are selling it. But again, I can’t understand the sense of that: it’s okay to smoke the stuff, but not to give it to other people? Or what?

I realise that I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but it just seems like a veiled effort to permit use of the drug without incurring the furore from dedicated Daily Mail readers that would ensue if they actually legalised it. I guess it’s just symptomatic of a style of government that shies away from making definite, important decisions, and tries rather to calm the fickle concerns of the masses and maintain the status quo.

Incidentally, the penalty for drug trafficking in Singapore is [death] Not that I necessarily agree with that, but at least the legislation is very clear on its objectives and its message.