Now that I’m free from the shackles of work, I’m trying to redesign this site. I’m trying to do it in strict XHTML 1.0, and CSS 2, which should look beautiful if you’re using the Gecko layout engine, and okay if you’re using IE6. Except that IE6 has lots of annoying CSS bugs, including one where you can’t select text in a <div> that’s positioned absolutely… And I think it should work in the latest version of Opera. Haven’t tested it on anything else yet, but I can guarantee that it will look crap on NN4. Just like everything else does. Also, it should render well in text-based or non-visual browsers, and any mobile Internet device. If you’re interested in seeing prototypes as I test them, go here. (That directory might not hold a tested/working version at any particular time, but I’d still be interested in hearing how it renders on your platform.)

Also, I’m writing a new backend for the site, in ASP because my server runs nothing else. (Okay, it runs Perl, but with no database support, and there’s no PHP either.) Again, it’s really pointless and over-the-top for a silly little site like this, but it’s a good learning experience.