Having done all this work to put up the new site, you may have noticed my almost complete lack of new posts since it went live. Well, I’m busy. I’ll add “update site three times a day” to the ever-increasing gargantuan list of things I want to do over the summer.

It will sit nicely and comfortably next to:

  • learn C++;
  • learn Perl;
  • learn PHP;
  • program a 3D adventure game engine;
  • learn 3D modelling;
  • start thinking about jobs;
  • read all the novels I’ve bought but never got round to reading;
  • learn Japanese;
  • finish manga translation projects;
  • code new sections to this website that I’ve been planning all along, but didn’t complete in time (crafty ‘View source’ wizards can work out what I’ve got up my sleeve);
  • make all the other little hobby websites that I’ve dreamed up and registered domains for, but never done anything with;
  • make websites for other people, and get oodles of cash in return;
  • lose some weight;
  • get some excercise.

Hmm. Maybe just twice a day.