Chris Mear: think: ways to get into a tin can when you have no can opener
David Mear: With a screwdriver
Chris Mear: nope
David Mear: o.O
Chris Mear: what?
David Mear: Is there some “correct” answer to this?
Chris Mear: no
Chris Mear: i don’t have a screwdriver
Chris Mear: I’m looking for suggestions
David Mear: OOOOoh!
Chris Mear: because I
Chris Mear: really
Chris Mear: REALLY
Chris Mear: want some soup
David Mear: I thought it was just a question
David Mear: Haha
Chris Mear: ok, I’ve made a hole
Chris Mear: I can smell the chicken
David Mear: HAha
David Mear: What with?
David Mear: LMAO
Chris Mear: A potato peeler
David Mear: HAhaha
Chris Mear: well, I’ve made a small opening.
Chris Mear: But I am concerned that it will be too small for the “NOW MORE CHICKEN” that lies in wait
David Mear: LMAO
David Mear: HAaaaahaha
Chris Mear: okay, there is now a second small opening next to the first
Chris Mear: I will now attempt to “co-join” them
David Mear: how the fuck are you doing this?
Chris Mear: I make a small incision by jabbing it with the pointy bit of the potato peeler.
David Mear: Ah, right.
David Mear: This is really sad man.
Chris Mear: Next I push gradually down on the peeler to make a small crescent shape.
Chris Mear: Using the arm of a corkscrew, I prise the flap up.
David Mear: are you gonna go round the whole edge like this.
David Mear: ?
Chris Mear: dunno
David Mear: Because from the sounds of it.
Chris Mear: I’ll have to see how big the MORE CHICKEN is.
David Mear: You’re gonna need a hole at least an inch across.
David Mear: Not just chicken, MORE chicken! ®
Chris Mear: goddamn, these fuckers are tuff
Chris Mear: the best bit is that I’ve got this frantic jazz music going down in the background
David Mear: LMAO
David Mear: That’s so FUCKING FUNNY.
Chris Mear: shit
David Mear: What?!
David Mear: What/!
Chris Mear: I just splashed chicken soup all over my screen
David Mear: Aw, you big mong.
Chris Mear: it’s all good, it’s all good.
Chris Mear: I think I’m there.
David Mear: Aw, well done.
David Mear: Do you have a bowl/
Chris Mear: yup
David Mear: Damn,
David Mear: I wish I’d seen that on your webcam
Chris Mear:
Chris Mear:
Chris Mear: i’m going to go and cook it now.