Well, it’s now Sunday, and I got home from Hawaii on Thursday morning, but I’ve just been so tired since then that I haven’t gotten round to doing much of anything yet, let alone updating this website. But I’m here now, so better late then never, I guess.

The Hawaii tour was fantastic. I and everyone else had an incredible time, and everything went so smoothly (even when we locked the keys in one of the vans!), that I didn’t have to be in tour-leader mode the whole time, which meant I could enjoy myself a lot more. Perhaps the best thing is that I’ve come home feeling so much more rested and relaxed, and generally feeling good about everything now, which is not really how I’ve felt for much of the last year.

I seem to have spent the last 10 months or so losing a lot of my motivation, and producing a severely lacklustre performance academically. And while I know that studies aren’t the be all and end all of things, they are the main reason I’m here at Cambridge, and having done well in my first year, it’s a shame to have dropped down in the second year. The worst part is knowing that I’m capable of doing the work, but just can’t muster up the motivation, energy or organisation to get it done properly.

But enough of all that. The tour has been such a good experience for me, in terms of organising it all succesfully, that I’ve got much greater self-confidence now, and I’ve stopped always finding a hundred and one things to worry about. I think if I just maintain this attitude, and get my head into the work from the start of next year, I can pick things up in the third year, and get back up to speed.

Regarding Hawaii: there’s lots of photos and stories to tell, and I’m working on a private website for the tour members at the moment, but hopefully soon after that I’ll be able to put up a public travelogue type thing, with some of my photos, and perhaps some other people’s as well. I’m hoping I can get something up in the next week, although I am going to Singapore on Monday, but I should still be able to do a bit of work on it from out there.

You can already go to feedmechocolate.com/hawaii and see a few of the photos I’ve taken (reload to see a different photo – there’s about eight of them), and a couple of panoramic shots as well.