Firstly, I’m not sleeping enough. But now that I’m up early, I can spend a bit of time finishing off the itinerary of activities for Hawaii. It’s gonna be so cool. Although at the moment I’m still finding it hard to push myself mentally past the stage of sheer funked-out panic that nothing’s gonna go right, and that I’m gonna lose a dozen people in random airport cities around the US, or something.

Secondly, I’m back working at Unsworth this summer, and it’s going pretty well. I’m really quite fortunate that they’ve offered me a job there every summer for the past few years, ‘cause it saves me having to sort something out for myself, and we all know that would never happen. But while it’s okay for a summer job, I’ve once again reached the conclusion that I don’t think I could work in an office on a permanent basis. It’s not so much the office environment itself, but rather that, after wading through traffic, getting home, and settling down, there seems to be so little time left in the week to get my own stuff done. It’s frustrating dealing with all your personal business either during a one hour lunch break, or on Saturdays, when customer service is all busy and harassed.

Also, I like to cling on to my belief that I write my best code at night. I seem to just get much less distracted. I think I’ll probably end up working for myself; although it will probably be more actual work (‘cause you’re actually dealing with all the ‘running a business’ stuff), there’s more of a chance of being able to do it when it suits me, and I won’t feel guilty for making personal calls outside of 12pm to 1pm.

What will I do? Probably web design, or some kind of related programming. For whatever reason, I’m actually quite interested in it, and despite the evidence of this site (which is less than spiffy at the moment), I’m actually quite good at it, when I actually spend some time on it. And maybe I’ll keep something music-ey going on the side.

I don’t know why I’m thinking about all this now, only that it’s probably better than panicking about it when I graduate…