First things first – I got done that thing I was putting off yesterday. A day late, but what the heck.

Spent a good couple of hours at the piano this evening. Some days it just frustrates me, and other days, like today, I don’t know why, but it all seems to work right and I can chop through loads of music and just play for ages for my own pleasure like I used to.

I seem to be playing a lot of bash-bash-bash music at the moment, which is fun, and serves to remind me how bad my hand stamina is. Shouldn’t overdo it, must be careful, what with the all-day-typing as well I am fearful of doing myself permanent damage. Still, some exercise every day probably wouldn’t hurt. And, actually, this bash-bash-bash music is fairly tiring. I must be doing myself good.

Slept well last night and got up at a decent time, which is good news given that I’ve been worrying about resetting my clock back to office hours after the last few days’ ‘sleep at 5, wake up at 2’ routine. I wonder if it is something to do with it being my first night with the duvet (which, by the way, is so wonderful, why didn’t I do this earlier?). We shall see. Tomorrow I have to be up early too, for church.