I spent most of today putting off something that needed to be done. Procrastination is a long-running theme of mine, and, like many others who sabotage themselves with it, the most frustrating part is that I don’t actually mind doing the thing that I’m putting off – in fact, I rather enjoy my work.

The idea of having to battle against your own brain is really quite bizarre when you consider it. I wonder sometimes if it’s a side effect of us not really having anything in the physical world to battle against anymore. At the very least it makes you realize how much more there is to your mind than just the central willing monologue.

In more positive news, we got an enormous box of household stuff from John Lewis this morning. There’s a simple satisfaction in finally having, for instance, a duvet, and a bin in the bathroom.

This is another thing that I’ve been putting off for about eight months now, mainly because I didn’t feel like I should be sitting down and spending a hundred pounds or so on things that aren’t really essential. Fortunately, it looks like this may finally be the month where I actually have enough cash to see me through to the next payday, so consider this a celebration. A warm, binny, crockery-y celebration.