“What?” I hear you say. “Your exams are practically upon you, you haven’t done nearly enough work, and you’re building a website? A website, for crying out loud?!”

“Yes,” I reply. “You see, I have this problem, where instead of revising, I do NO WORK. Rather than popping down the library, getting the appropriate textbooks out, and trying to do some exam questions, instead I do NO WORK. Now, I can see that building a website might be construed as an extension of the aforementioned doing NO WORK, but I’m hoping that as I write daily entries such as

  • Did NO WORK today.
  • Got up at noon, fell asleep again at six. Did NO WORK in-between.
  • This evening I drank a bottle of red wine by myself, whilst listening to Radiohead. NO WORK was done.
  • Had an amusing, two-sided conversation with my sofa, about an imaginary person called Tim. Got NO WORK done, however.

and release them to the pseudo-public domain, it will act as a kind of catharsis, and I will shame myself into actually getting SOME WORK done, as I and others realise the full, sad, tragic extent of my laziness, procrastination, and general weirdness.”

The first exam is tomorrow. Tomorrow! Ack. This website idea didn’t really work. Ah well. It was worth a try.