Feed Me Chocolate

Hi, I'm Chris Tucker Mear.

A picture of my face (usually)

I work as a software developer at Litmus. On a volunteer basis, I do techy stuff for One Click Orgs and MetaChat. I have a number of projects on GitHub.

As far as blogs go, I have a Tumblr thing, and very occasionally post techy things to Untıttled. Even more occasionally, David Mear and I post random things at Two Brain Cells.

Contacting me

You can email me at .

Or, I'm on the following instant messagey type things:

Finding me online

I go by the username 'chrismear' in most places. You can try searching for my email address as well.


My GPG key ID is 7E96EE36, and can be found on e.g. pgp.mit.edu . Although, obviously, you shouldn't trust this web page to tell you that.

Open Rights Group. I founded it. Founder # 839